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Open Day at Karumi Steel: May 5


We cordially invite all handpan enthusiasts to meet, play music and integrate. in our art studio near Warsaw. Our intention is to open a space to spend time together in the vibrations of our beloved instruments - handpans :)

We invite all people who want to play, feel and spend time with the instrument and with the community that we have the honor to co-create, build and hopefully develop together with you :). We want Facebook friendships to gain substance and the power to look each other in the eye and feel together what the soothing sound of handpans means to us. We invite people who have never played an instrument before but would like to feel its power, as well as enthusiasts who have been fascinated by this instrument for years.

To sum up, we plan to:
- play handpans together and more
- get to know each other and make friends
- enjoy oneself :)

The meeting will take place on Sunday, May 5, we will open the space of our house, studio and garden for you from 2 p.m. until the evening - until when will there be energy :)

Admission to the meeting is, of course, free of charge, but please register via Facebook to Wika Węglińska, or by e-mail to, so that we can prepare for the appropriate number of guests :) When you write to us, we will provide you with the exact address and how to get there. hit us.

The meeting is a drop-in event, so take everything you want to eat or drink with you. And we keep our fingers crossed for nice weather :)

See you soon, Zbyszek and Wika

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