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How to order Karumi Steel handpan?

I build instruments only on individual orders. If you decide to do so, please send me an e-mail to: with the title "handpan", including your name and surname with the address, the name of the selected scale and your Facebook nickname if you are there. After receiving the e-mail, I will provide you with a price of the instrument, approximate waiting time and ask for an advance prepayment.

Here is a list of available scales, if you would like to order one that is not on the list - let me know and I will check if it may be available. The recordings are made over many years of my work, you can watch the latest works on the You Tube channel:Karumi Steel. I am currently making stainless steel handpans (ember).

B Celtic Minor: B / F# A B C# D E F# A


C Syamalam: C / G Ab C D Eb F# G C

C Amara: C / G Bb C D Eb F G C

C Jubel: C / F G B C E F G C

C Mystic: C / G Ab C D Eb F G C

C# YshaSavita: C# / Ab C C# Eb F F# Ab C#

C# EriHanna: C# / F# Ab B C# Eb E F# Ab

C# Amara: C# / Ab B C# Eb E F# Ab B

C# Mystic: C# / Ab A C# Eb E F# Ab B

C# AnnaZiska: C# / Ab A B C# Eb E F# Ab

C# Hijaz: C# / Ab A C C# Eb E F# Ab

D Saladin: D / G A C D Eb F# G A

D Kurd: D / A Bb C D E F G A

D Celtic Minor: D / A C D E F G A C

D Mystic: D / A Bb D E F G A C

E Aeolian: E / A B C D E F G A

F Raga Desya Todi: F / A C D E F G A C

F La Sirena: F / G# C D D# F G G# C

Bottom notes are possible in the range of C3 - C6. Tuning in 432Hz is also possible for most of the scales (B4 starts to be strongly influenced by impedence in 432Hz).


The price includes instrument with a scale of your choice, softbag, microfibre cloath for cleaning, decorative braid and shipping box with packaging. I also give you one year quarantee for tuning (free retuning service in this time – up to 3 times, domages and unproper use not included).


I ship worldwide in well secured cardbox, insurance and tracking. The cost of shipping vary for different parts of the world – from 50 euro in Europe up to 220 euro for further directions. There are also countries, where I'm not allowed to send instruments (for example Iran). Please ask me for a quote when you are interested. Personal pick up in my workshop is now not possible. Returning of a new handpan is possible in 2 weeks time from purchase, in original cardbox with no domages , scratches etc.

Maintenance of Flowpan: handpans are protected from rust with nitriding leyer on both sides but anyway they need regular maintenance – once per two weeks it's good to treat them with  Phoenix Oil or similar. Using instruments in higher humidity or at the seaside is the case to do it more often - even every day! You should also avoid storing you handpan in a closed bag – after travelling you should take it out of the bag. Enclosed microfibre cloath should be used for cleaning the handpan from sweat of our fingers or legs i hot weather.

Tuning of the instruments is stable and I quarantee it for the first year of normal using of the instrument. Later no big changes of the tuning is expected, but every 2-3 years refreshing / fine-tuning may be needed. Tuning service is available in my workshop (only for my instruments) and it costs up to 100 euro depanding on amount of work.

Many blessings <3


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